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Bamboo is one of those plants you either love or loathe, its impressive clumps of decorative canes which can quickly transform the smallest of spaces into an urban jungle or sensational retreat, have made this a popular choice. 

Despite all the positives, many loathe the plant due to its invasive nature and difficulty to remove. These problems usually occur as a direct result of incorrect labelling, a lack of knowledge and maintenance for the species selected. The TV gardening shows also share some of this blame as they've featured them for decades with a lack of caution and instruction.

Do not fear, here at Wild Ground HQ, I have been a keen collector and grower of Bamboo in my small Nottinghamshire garden since 2010, and I've come to gain substantial knowledge and expertise on the management and control of the species. In addition to this knowledge, I'm also a qualified weed control and invasive plant specialist, holding all the relevant City & Guilds qualifications to help from planting to eradication.

About Bamboo

Bamboo is a woody, fast-growing perennial plant which is a member of the grass family.  The speed in which it grows and behaves depends on multiple factors, including soil conditions and your chosen variety.

Left unchecked and unmanaged, the underground rhizome network of running varieties can quickly spread horizontally with new shoots appearing from the nodes that unsuspectingly pop up through lawns, weed suppressant fabrics, structures and neighbouring gardens.

Even clumping varieties are not without their issues, and the clump can quickly outgrow your desired planting location and cause nuisance due to its rapid growth.

Bamboo Planting, Control and Maintenance


If you are considering buying Bamboo, Wild Ground offers a bamboo planting service which can help contain and future proof even the most rogue bamboos on the market. However, it would be wise to avoid the worst offenders at all costs in the first instance.

There are multiple methods to implement at the time of planting from the installation of a rhizome barrier to the berm and trench method, the latter being, In my opinion, the best way for ultimate future control and divisions.


Bamboo plants benefit from regular and routine maintenance, much the same as any other garden plant. The removal of old, dead and damaged canes will allow light into the crown while keeping the specimen looking its best. Although not everyone taste, you can also remove the lower branches, exposing the canes and increasing the visual impact.


If your Bamboo has outgrown its spot or is causing a nuisance on a neighbouring property, then there are several options of control available. Physical removal is a time consuming and very labour intensive service, even with an array of specialist tools, hand digging can take days for even for what may be considered the smallest of clumps. Access and underground services can also be a huge consideration, which will result in increased costs or the use of herbicide controls only.

The last alternative is to treat and cut, keeping all below-ground biomass in situ, and controlling the above-ground growth only. The application of a systemic herbicide applied to the leaves will translocate down to the rhizome material below. The use of herbicides could have multiple drawbacks, especially if the Bamboo is entering your garden from a neighbouring property as this could amount to criminal damage if the parent plant were to die.

For that reason, it would not be suitable for all sites.

The other consideration is that the best herbicides are glyphosate-based and will kill any surrounding grass and plants, so again not suitable for all sites.

Once the canes have died back, usually within four weeks of treatment, they can be processed on-site into valuable mulch for garden beds and borders.  The waste can also be removed from the site at an additional cost.


Every step of controlling and maintaining Bamboo is a time consuming, and sometimes a complex undertaking involving multiple parties. If for any reason access cannot be gained or is refused from neighbouring properties, this can result in partial control or incurred costs.

Eradication is possible with Bamboo, unlike other invasive plant species. Still, it can take multiple visits as it is not always possible to remove and kill all rhizome material depending on location, or without causing damage to patios and structures.

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