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Bamboo Control


Bamboos are incredible plants that offer screening, height, and interest to your garden, but many homeowners don’t realise the invasive nature of individual species.

The plants often feature on TV gardening shows and remain hugely popular amongst gardeners and landscapers; however, it's essential to know which variety is suitable for your garden.

Bamboos, as they mature, develop a sizeable underground rhizome system with the running varieties quickly becoming a garden rogue pushing up new culms through patios, lawns, and weakness within structures.

A common complaint and one Wild Ground see frequently is the lateral rhizome growth encroaching from neighbouring properties, causing disputes and upset.

If your bamboo or that of your neighbours is growing out of control, don’t panic, we can help. There are multiple methods of controlling and removing bamboo.


Wild Ground can legally handle and treat the foliage with commercial herbicides. This method can take several seasons to gain control or to achieve total eradication. This method is also beneficial before removal or grinding as it reduces the chance of regrowth from any small pieces of rhizome material left behind.


The next method is to remove the plants with specialist hand tools, power tools, and brute force. This method is time-consuming but is perfect for small gardens with limited access.

Mini-diggers are also a viable alternative for large jobs, but they can also be expensive and cause damage to the surrounding landscape due to their tracks and weight.


If you're happy with the size of the bamboo or are worried about your plants causing nuisance, a root rhizome barrier is perfect for preventing further spread.


Wild Ground specialise in the control and eradication of bamboo and other invasive species holding all the relevant qualifications, machinery, and expertise to undertake domestic and small commercial works.