The Laser Industrie 8 Professional Sprayer Review

I love the spraying industry due to the simplicity and outcomes the equipment delivers. I envisage the lance as my wand and the solution my spell, controlling all within its path. Okay, that may be a little overdramatic like a chapter from everyone's favourite wizard. Still, the ability to reduce plants, infection and disease with the press of a trigger feels like magic at my fingertips as I tame the environment in which I work.

So when the good folks at Laser Industrie contacted me to cast my eye over their latest professional expert eight sprayers, I couldn't contain my excitement, especially with my recent shift in focus to control invasive plants and the associated biosecurity.

Upon opening the box, the brass components glimmering in the sunshine, I knew this would be an impressive piece of kit. I own many sprayers and having started in the industry with the cheapest of cheap; the quality was more than evident.

Like all true professionals, the instructions remained discarded due to the simplicity of assembly, using the box imagery as my guide, the sprayer constructed within minutes.

Now it is hard for me to put into written word the feel of the components, but you need to feel the cap and how it glides through the threads to retain the compression within to know, truly.

Twist on, twist off, twist on, twist off only to discover the underside concealed an incremental measure for your solutions, genius! There was no longer any need to take my wife's favourite kitchen jug to work, simply unscrew the cap and fill the required compartment. Add to that the expert eights clear casing, this makes filling the 6L sprayer with the volumes necessary so much simpler than the competing brands.

The sprayer, fitted with EDPM seals and joints will tolerate solutions such as bleach, disinfectants and paints strippers, which along with the brass components make this perfect for multiple industry sectors, including hospitality, health and social care, transport and of course my industry.

Having trialled the product with multiple solutions from car shampoos to biocides, it delivers a constant and controlled spray with the minimal of effort exerted on the pumps ergonomic handle. The robust finger-operated trigger located on the lance handle provides operative comfort without fatigue, making the application of your chosen product effortless.

I, therefore, bestow this sprayer with a full ten out of ten based on its rugged construction, ingeniously concealed measure and consistent performance.

Rich – Wild Ground.

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